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MS 3

MS-3 ultra-compact barcode laser scanner combines top performing software features and high-scan speed packed into Microscan’s smallest scanner.  The MS-3 laser is one of a trio that also includes the MS-3 CCD and MS-3 engine.  The CCD and engine will be released in 3rd quarter of 2003.  All three of these units are well suited for any application where size, performance, and budget savings are core factors.
  Compact size measures 1.75" square by .85" tall and weighs only 2 ounces
provides easy mounting onto robotic equipment in tight spaces.
Adjustable scan speed from 350 to 1000 decodes/second offers the fastest
read performance in its class.
Wide scan angle over 70 degrees and EZ push-button calibration, allows greater
flexibility with positioning.
Test Button and Performance LED's provide visual confirmation of scanner
performance without a PC or output device required.
MS 3 reads virtually all widely used barcode symbologies and is easily configured
using Microscan's Easy Setup Program.
MS 880 Microscan MS 880

The MS 880 is a heavy-duty scanner designed for industrial automation.  Its robust features include: wireless programming, auto focus, windows based software, linear and 2-D barcode reading, and multiple protocol options. 
  Long Read Range – out to 90” on a 20 mil label
Auto focus – automatically determines and selects optimal read settings
Programmable Raster – Scan area can be optimized to read multiple symbols,
PDF-417 codes, and inconsistently placed labels.
Optional Wiring Box – eliminates special cables or connectors  w/terminal
strip connectivity.
Integrated Industrial Protocols – DeviceNet, Ethernet, DataHighway+, Profibus
Multiple Programming Methods – Windows Based Software, Serial Commands,
Barcode Programming, Embedded Menus
Wireless Communications – IrDA port allows programming via palm computers
& laptops
MS 850

If your application requires an industrial scanner that can read multiple labels or symbologies, the MS 850 is an ideal solution for the application.  With user-adjustable scan rates between 350 and 1100 scans/second and programmable raster adjustments, the MS 850 provides flexibility for a variety of applications. 
  Rugged, IP65 Enclosure - Internal circuitry and optical components are protected
by a sealed, die-cast aluminum housing.  MicroChange twist-lock connectors 
provide reliable, uninterrupted connection for power and trigger support.
Multiple Symbology Reading - MS 850 is extremely flexible and can read multiple
barcodes, as well as multiple symbology types in one scan sequence.
1D & 2D Symbologies - Able to read PD417 and most linear codes.
Preventive Maintenance Features - Diagnostic controls monitor operating 
conditions of the MS 850.
Programmable Raster Mirror - Raster module allows accurate mirror oscillation
up to 30 sweeps/second, and sweep angle can be operator controlled from 0-30
Real-Time Controls - Includes three programmable outputs, one trigger input and 
one programmable input.

MS 820

Microscan MS 810

Exceptionally compact industrial barcode scanner for high speed scanning in automated manufacturing applications. This scanner has the flexibility to scan a variety of label qualities and densities. The MS820 can be programmed for scanning rates from 300-800 scans per second and has a reading range of 2” – 30”. The MS820 is available in 5 and 24 VDC models and has a heavy-duty IP65 enclosure.

  Extended Reading - capable of reading distances up to 30"
IP 65 Enclosure - Heavy-duty, die-cast aluminum housing, sealed from dust and
Flash Memory - allows firmware updates onsite
Real-time Controls - three programmable outputs and one trigger input for versatile
programming option
ESP Software - Easy Setup Program is an easy-to-use, Windows-based setup
program to configure the system and store settings for easy downloads

MS 710

Microscan MS 710

High-Speed scanner with integrated decoder is an exceptional product, ideal for fast-moving barcode label scanning.  Models can read linear and PDF417 2D barcodes.  The rugged NEMA 12 housing and compact design lends itself to many applications including pharmaceutical packaging, print & apply applications, automated manufacturing, and office automation.

  IP 54 Enclosure - provides excellent protection against dust and moisture
Maintenance-free Brushless Motor - durable motor provides reliability with zero 
Flexible Positioning - a 60-degree scan angle allows the MS710 to read labels
positioned in narrow openings

MS 911

Microscan MS 911

The Microscan 911 is the fastest compact fixed position barcode scanner in the market. Capable of decoding 2,000 scans/second, the MS 911 delivers a decode rate unmatched among small fixed mount scanners. Its compact size and shape allows for flexible mounting and positioning and is easily integrated into existing machinery. Internal diagnostic tools monitor operating conditions and sends user-defined messages to alert the operator when thresholds have been exceeded.

Quadrus EZ

Quadrus EZ is a fully featured, industrial, fixed scanner that can read linear and 2D barcode symbologies in static or moving applications.  The Quadrus EZ is the next generation in vision-based scanning, combining the ease of use of a laser scanner with advanced software features of vision technology.  Compared to a vision system, the Quadrus EZ is easier to use and more cost effective.  Other features include:

  2-Point Setup - position symbol using the "x" pattern and push the auto button to
Field of View Locator - a red "x" identifies the field of view center allowing fast and 
accurate symbol placement
Auto Button - enables locator pattern, calibrate mode, decodes/seconds mode, 
and defaults the scanner
Extensive Focal Range - adjustable from 2 - 10 inches
Dynamic Reading - high decode speeds, regardless of orientation, at speeds in 
excess of 30-60 reads/second
USB & Ethernet Connectivity - available for high speed data and image transfer
2D Label Validation - provides analysis of symbol quality
2D symbologies include data matrix, QR Code, PDF417


Hand Held Products

IT 3900 Fixed Position Linear Imager

HandHeld Products -  Welch Allyn - IT 3900

The IT 3900 is a fixed position linear imager that reads linear and PDF417 barcodes.  The 3900 has an automatic trigger mode for constant scanning and can also be controlled by the host computer via serial commands.  Flexible interfaces include keyboard, RS 232 and USB and other terminals.
Bright sharp aiming Line for easy scanning in any lighting condition
Windows-based programming tools provide easy setup and configuration
Reliable and backed by a 5-year warranty

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