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IMAGETEAM TM 4600 & 4800 Commercial, Industrial & Retail 2D Imager

The IT 4600 2D area imager is ideal for retail and commercial applications requiring 2D imaging and linear barcode scanning.  Current and future retail and commercial applications will involve more than linear barcodes.  Postal barcodes are used to sort mail.  EAN-UCC composite codes are starting to appear in retail.  PDF codes are used for age verification in restricted item sales.
The omni direction reading capability of the IT 4600 allows fast and easy reading 
of all codes.
Versatile - capture a signature, take a picture or scan barcodes.
Durable, no moving parts, provides 3 year warranty.
IQ Editing Pro provides easy integration into existing applications without host 
software changes. 
The IT 4800 is an industrial 2D area imager.  New technology allows the 4600/4800 to decode faster and farther.  The 4800 is so versatile it can read 2D matrix symbologies, signature capture, OCR or digital photography.
Full shock-absorbing rubber protects the imager from dozens of 6.5' drops to
concrete, making this the most durable 2D imager in the industry.
Sealed unit to protect from dust and rain makes the 4800 suitable for the most
demanding applications.
Integrated red aiming optics ensures the best aimer visibility for fast, 
point-and-shoot performance.

IMAGETEAM TM 5600 & 5800 Commercial Industrial Linear Imager

The IT 5600/5800 are the first industrial class readers to bring you HandHeld Products’ industry-leading image technology.  This technology excels at read range, reading poor quality barcodes, and is extremely durable.  Both units are backed by the industry’s best warranty against defects.

ImageTeam 5600
Excellent read range - up to 36".
Fast & aggressive decodes even on poorly printed barcodes.
Durable, built to last.  Full impact resistant bumpers and 5-year warranty.
Reads all popular symbologies and newer codes including EAN-UCC system, 
GTIN, EAN/UCC-14, and RSS.
Supports all common interfaces including: keyboard wedge, RS232, USB and
ImageTeam 5800
Superior read range - up to 82"
Fast & aggressive decodes even on poorly printed barcodes.
IP54 rating prevents dust and water from entering units.
Impact absorbing, shock resistant housing withstands fifty 6.5' drops.
3-year warranty.
Aiming beam options for applications with high ambient light.

We’ve Gone Cordless!!
Cordless Linear Imager

HandHeld Products - Compsee - TM 3870
HandHeld Products is pleased to introduce linear imaging technology in a cordless barcode reader. A bright, sharp aiming line and high-resolution imaging combine to deliver barcode reading performance that was previously only possible using a laser scanner.

The IMAGETEAM TM (IT)3870 offers many advantages over a laser scanner.

Aiming line is brighter than a standard laser.
Scans and decodes 270 times per second, (about seven times faster
than a laser.
Can read all common linear barcodes, plus PDF417 and MicroPDF417.
Onboard flash memory, allows the reader to be easily upgraded when
new features and new symbologies become available.
The IT3870 joins a family of rugged and reliable cordless products.
Several models to choose from:
IT3870PDF is designed for aggressive reading performance on
PDF417 and MicroPDF417.
IT3870HD reads high density barcodes with dimensions as
small as 3 mil
IT3870LX reads 15 mil. codes out to 18 inches
All these configurations feature an IP 54 sealed-enclosure rating
and the industry’s best drop specification for cordless scanners.



Broad Range Coverage Up to 7850 sq ft.(739 sq, meters)

Increases mobility and

Multiple Scanner Support

Each base unit supports up to nine scanners simultaneously. This increases productivity and flexibility without the added costs of additional bases and terminals.

Eliminates Cables

Improves safety conditions by avoiding

Unique Battery Design

Removable batteries that are recharged simply

Rugged Design Water and dust resistant to IP 54 rating.
State of the Art Radio Technology

Two-way 2.4 GHz frequency hopping spread

Application Workgroups

Supports up to nine application work groups on changing workloads.


IMAGETEAM TM 3875 Cordless Linear Imager

HandHeld Products - Compsee - TM3875

The IT3875 provides complete mobility with real-time bi-directional communication with the host PC.  The IT3875, is easy to use, right out of the box.  You can view scanned data and make keypad entries the instant you use it.  Utilizing linear imaging technology, the IT3875 performs like a laser and has exceptional durability.  In addition, it is capable of reading all standard linear barcodes, plus PDF417 and MicroPDF417.  It is light- weight and ergonomically designed, making it ideal for scanning-intensive applications.  Built to endure harsh work environments, it is backed with a three-year warranty, the best of any cordless scanner in the industry.

Graphic display w/backlight - Displays graphic icons that users can easily recognize.  Prompts the user with text in three sizes for optimum readability.
Dual LED indicators – Allows user to view the bright, pronounced feedback from many angles.
Nine Scanners per base provides flexibility for the system to grow with your operation.   Up to 20 bases can be used in 31,400 sq. ft. area.
Multiple work groups can be stored and scanner can change configurations and applications by simply scanning a work group barcode.

HandHeld Products 5770 Cordless Scanners

HandHeld Products - Compsee - 5770

Cordless scanning brings a new level of flexibility and productivity to applications using automatic data collection. This new technology takes the scanner to the job rather than taking the job to the scanner.

Designed to be simple to use, the product line consists of a choice of scanner options plus a base unit and cable to interface to the host computer. The key feature of the cordless scanner is the elimination of the cable between the scanner and host computer. The cordless scanner reduces accidents and injuries that can occur when cords get tangled and wrapped around equipment.




Broad Range Coverage Up to 7850 sq ft. Increases mobility and productivity
Multiple Scanner Support Each base supports up to 9 scanners reducing cost of additional bases and terminals.
Broadest Product Offering Offering of CCD for lowest cost/most reliable solution.
Sealed Water & dust resistant for hostile environments.
Rugged Withstand 26 drops to concrete @6’ well suited for Harsh environments.
Quick/Easy Battery Change Removable battery pack similar to those used in power tools for simple and quick changes.
Internal Charging Circuitry Support 110 and 240 volts AC for easy charging in AC outlets.
2 Way Communications Confirmed feedback assures data was received by host.
Flash Memory Provides ultimate in programming flexibility with an easy Upgrade path with firmware upgrades.
Competitively Priced "Cost per Scanner" analysis provides lowest overall Customer investment.
3 Year Warranty Industry leading warranty. Guaranteed Longevity and Support


ImageTeam 3800 HandHeld Products - Compsee - 3800
High-performance, hand-held image reader that sets a new standard for performance by combining a bright, sharp aiming line with increased reading distance to delivery exceptional reading performance. It’s rugged, durable construction is built for demanding work environments and carries a 5-year warranty. Models available for linear, PDF417, ESD sensitive and clean room applications.


ScanTeam 5750 HandHeld Products - Compsee - 5750
The 5750 is HandHeld Products' high performance industrial laser. This rugged laser meets IP-54 requirements and can withstand harsh industrial applications. It’s excellent scanning performance can read down to a 5 mil code and has a working distance up to 31 inches.



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